Sunday, March 26, 2017

Matt here.  It is time to restart the blog...

The impetus for this?  We're moving to Camp.  What has happened since the last blogpost, way back in 2012?  Well, in the shortest format possible:
  We got married on Shelter Island, after a rehearsal dinner on a ferry, sailing in a tornado warning, with Dark and Stormy and Gin Rickey's for the drinks, and a downpour during the reception.

  We got a baby, and then a kid.  AJ, Augie, Auge, August, Little Bun.  Blonde and blue and whip smart, and a smart ass.

  Julia quit her job, then started two other jobs, and then took on a third job.  She still cooks a lot of our dinners, and they're still usually awesome.
  Rowdy, the namesake of this blog, is still here.  We are all still in the same house.

  I've made things (Table, stools, helping tower), gotten a promotion, bought new cars for us, acted like a grown up. Mostly.  My parents boat, Firefly, is moving along nicely.  Hopefully there will be more on her too.


  We got chickens.

So, moving to Camp.  Julia will be the new director (the position her old boss held) at CW.  It's been something we discussed as a possibility, but for now, she's acting as the Director, so we'll be moving onto the waterfront at camp in May.  We're going to keep our house, I'll be living there on the worst commuting days, and to keep up with the chickens and chores, and do some work on updating and improving the interior. We're planning on what furniture to take, planning on some of it not returning with us to allow for new furniture.  I'll make a bed to keep here, a long overdue Birthday present for Julia.  Rowdy will have a yard with a fence, and Augie will learn to swim.   I'm excited to share with the blog what we eat, where we go, who we are now, and what we get into in the future.

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