Monday, February 6, 2012

PJ's last night in town and an evaluation...

When we embarked on our "no eating out challenge" we decided that we would see how it went for the month of January and then decide what our plan would be moving forward.  Since I was gone for the last bit of January and Matt was gone for the first part of February and our wonderful reunion fell on the last night that PJ was in town, the evening called for a bit of a celebration.

Just kidding, Peeeej, you can stay as long as you like!

When you've got a friend who hates on Baltimore, who has never had a dark and stormy, and who appreciates the fine line between fine dining and dive bar there's only one place to take him.  That's right friends.  Matt and I officially ate out on our own dime for the first time since the challenge began at the much heralded Captain Larry's.  PJ, Matt and I met up with newlyweds Nick and Liz for delicious eats, strong drinks and great company.

Dark and Stormy:
Pint glass, half ginger beer, topped with dark rum--just the way it should be. 


These fish tacos hit the spot every, single time:

 Build your own grilled cheese:

I realize this is not a flattering photo of Lizzy, but look at that cheese! 

Crabby Cakes:

Peej decided to truly embrace his Mobtown experience, and ordered the crabcakes.  These things were huge and done in the proper Maryland style, with little filler and lotsa flavor.  Seriously gigantic, he had to take one home. 

Pirate Cupcakes:  
Matt had to give his cupcake a talking to before he demolished it. 

Cupcakes make PJ a little creepy. 

Patty Piratecupcakes is always a highlight of a trip to Larry's.  She creates fresh often whacky and always delicious flavors.  This lady is so creative, a million flavor combos that I would never think of.  We've ordered her treats for my birthday party for a couple of years now.  If you ever need cupcakes in Baltimore, look her up!  You won't be disappointed. 

PJ remarked that Captain Larry's has a bit of an identity crisis, and he is totally right.  It's part dirty sailor bar, part art gallery, part family friendly restaurant, part Ravens' Roost and all fun.  Just the way I like it. 

After enjoying our meal out and a busy weekend, Matt and I took some time to evaluate our challenge and how we'll move forward. Soon, we'll report back with more specific financials, but we are definitely saving some cash by eating in--even considering the extra money spent at the grocery store.  We are most certainly spending more time together and with Rowdy at our little house, which is a pleasant side effect I didn't expect.  No word on our health just yet, but eating in still feels really, really good.  I've personally been really encouraged by all the people who comment on the blog, in person, here or on Facebook.  The accountability is a great motivator and it's nice to hear from folks who are following us on this journey!  

So, moving forward, our plan is to continue to eat in as much as possible.  We're going to plan a meal out once a month and we're going to try and plan it ahead of time so we don't succumb to laziness or lack or preparation or pressure.  We will each be allowed one coffee shop coffee drink a week.  We will consider invitations for meals out for special occasions and celebrations.  Sound good?  

Is there something we're forgetting?  Is there other information we should include here?  Something else, you readers (all 22 of you) want to see?  Just let us know!  Thanks for following along!  

xo, julia


  1. Are there 22 of us?! I have you linked on my blog now, which won't help your readership much since I no longer keep it up well or have many readers myself, but maybe that will change soon. I'm trying to get back into it.

    You guys are inspiring. We used to eat out a ton, too, but then we realized nearly every time that the food we had just eaten (and received a large bill for) we could make at home and save a lot of money. And so we became better and more frequent cooks. And it does pay off in a calmer life, at home more. Which was really better for our kids, too!

    I do want to go to Captain Larry's sometime, though.

  2. Holy Crapoly! You've done a stellar job getting posts up here. The blog looks great and it is fun to read. You two should get married. Miss you!