Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did you miss us?

Sorry for the radio silence.  It's a good thing we don't blog for a living.  We've had a lot to do and some travel on the books since our last posting.

We shared quiche with our most fabulous graphic designer (you might recognize her from running related stories.   Leah is also making our save the date cards and invites and things!  We repay her with dinner. And love.) Unfortunately, there are no quiche photos,  only dessert photos.  Sometimes we eat dessert!  Blueberry cobbler, even!

eating blueberry cobbler makes me fulllllllllllllllllllll.....

There was also million veggie minestrone.  (please note, "million" is an estimate)

Not all veggies were photographed. 

We were gifted with a lovely trip to Naples, Florida for Christmas!  (thanks, Pete and Sallie!)  We unfortunately booked our trip for a weekend with record setting low temperatures. However, we had wonderful company and ended up having a most excellent time.  A few photos:

We tried to catch a sunset every night we were there.  We finally caught one on our last night, pulling over at a lovely state park on our way to dinner with my parents in Fort Myers.  (They were vacationing in Sanibel at the same time we were down south!)

While we were away we ate out a lot!  But we also had several opportunities to cook with Pete and Sallie at their condo.  The fresh grouper was out of this world.  Unfortunately, we didn't photograph our dinner, so you'll have to imagine it.  Grouper marinated in garlic, parsley, white wine and olive oil, grilled and served with mango butter and warm Israeli couscous salad.  As in Florida tradition, Key Lime Pie for dessert.  We were living the good life, for sure.  

We're back to the grind!  Thanks for checking in, we'll be back with more fun from the Rowdy House!  

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  1. The minestrone looks fab! Want to shoot me that recipe? Still sad there is no photo of some Abbotts custard... oh well :(