Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What, you thought we couldn't blog two days in a row?

So, I don't want to declare victory too soon, but today is definitely going to go in the success category.  We woke up this morning with strong plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I managed to get most of my kitchen work for the day done before I went to work this morning.
Who doesn't love a messy pile of root vegetable scraps with their morning coffee? 

I used this recipe, but tweaked it a little.  I left out the green pepper, and added a turnip.  Matthew used to say that he didn't like cooked green peppers-- but seem surprised when I told him I'd 86ed it.  I also added smoked sea salt and some red chili flakes.  Like I always say, if you don't like red pepper flake, you might not want to come to dinner at my house.  

The whole business was finished before I left for work. 

Delicious veggie soup left to stew on the coldest day since last February.  It even snowed a little! 

Rowdy was not interested. He seemed a little upset that we didn't stay in bed snuggling on such a chilly morning.  He didn't even eat the bit of carrot I gave him!  Who is he?

Unfortunately, this soup, while delicious, was pretty much disgusting to photograph.  Good thing Matthew B. is so good lookin'.  

MMMMMmmmmmmm..... soup......  Matthew prefers not to chew his meals.

Matthew also made a big bowl of our go to kale salad to round out the meal and to serve as lunch supplements later this week.  

Mmmmmm.... Kale salad.....

The best part of crockpot dinner?  The whole business, including clean counters, washed dishes, and stored leftovers....

Was done by 6:02pm.  Lots of time left for the important stuff.  

Coming soon to the Rowdy House no eating out challenge blog update: how we're planning our meals and grocery shopping; a schmancy dinner with our folks (all four of 'em); eating dinner at the kitchen table; an interview with Matthew about his food preferences and more! For now I'm off for a run and some yoga while Matthew splits his time between Storage Wars and guitar practice....

Stay tuned, Julia

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