Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend One Down

When we went into this challenge I thought that weekends would be the hardest part.  Because this weekend was full of events and  preplanned meals we were really successful in not eating out!  The only dinner we prepared at home this weekend was a fancy-schmancy dinner with all four of our parents and my Baltimore Ravens superfan brother, Jim.

We're still getting the hang of this blogging thing, because we have hardly any photos of the attendees or the meal.

There were oysters Rockefeller (sans bacon), with supa dupa fresh oysters, courtesy of my parents.

A beet dip that was just okay.  It was one of those recipes where I wasn't sure what it was supposed to taste like... I probably won't make it again.

Look for these beet tops in one of my favorite dinner recipes later this week!  

A huge salad (and wine) compliments of Penny and Peter:

Chili crusted sockeye salmon:

Hi, we're Matt and Julia, we can't wait to eat, so all the photos we post on this blog are of food that has already been served.  (We'll try to get better, promise!)  

Rounding out the meal were savory swiss chard pancakes (which never got themselves on film) featuring sweet little, tiny baby chard leaves from our winter garden/Matthew's cold frame!  

Aren't they just darling? 

What you probably don't know is that Matthew B, in addition to being an accomplished taco maker, is a gifted and transcendent pie crust maker.  Seriously, that guy is no joke.  He treats each and every crust like a work of art.  Friday's crust was no exception:  

He even put it in his "Matt's Special Pie" plate.  

We used the crust to make an OUTOF THIS WORLD chocolate chess pie.  Never had it?  Neither have a lot of people.  Google it.  I'm not kidding.  Go make this pie now.  It might just change your life.  Add cinnamon.  Or maybe it would be good with a little amaretto or almond extract.  Yeah.  Don't be put off by the copious amounts of butter in the recipe.  Go ahead and serve it with whipped cream, or ice cream.  Indulge.   

Dinner got good reviews and a good time was had by all.  This next photo isn't really flattering of anyone, but it's the only picture we took of any humans at dinner on Friday. 

That's right, we make our guests sit on the floor around the coffee table.  Someday we'll have a dining table big enough for many.  Until then...

 It really was a lovely evening.  Thank you to our lovely guests.  Next time, don't hesitate to remind us to take more pictures!  


  1. Looks great! Especially the pie. Do you share recipes with your awesome friends? ;-)

  2. Sure! I get most of my recipes off of the internet, honestly. I usually google "world's best _______ recipe" and go from there. The chess pie recipe is here: As I mentioned before, we used a traditional pie crust, we made a super deep dish crust, so we doubled the recipe (hey there, heart attack), and I added 1/2 teaspoon+ of cinnamon-- it would even be good with the teeniest pinch of chili powder or cayenne if you're brave! The cinnamon flavor was subtle, but I thought it really made the pie!

    Let me know if you have trouble with that link. :-) When are you guys coming for dinner?