Wednesday, January 4, 2012

That odd day of the week...

So, a handy quirk of menu planning and eating at home is that you're not always cooking exactly the amount that you need for each meal.  This leads to... ...LEFTOVERS!

So see that blank spot on Wednesday?  That is where the magic happens.  We sort of plan dinners early in the week that can be used throughout the week as lunches, extra dinners, or as ingredients in other meals.  Leftover Chard used earlier in the week can be reused in savory pancakes later in the week.  Ground Beef from burgers can be thrown into chili.  Extra potatoes in onion/leek soup.  You know the drill.

And, it is great to take leftovers to work.  One real issue we have is making sure we have a good set of tupperware, because nothing is worse than getting a backpack full soup or Chinese food.  This becomes a problem when you've got a dog who loves to chew on tupperwares.  And leashes.  And pig skins.

The Pizza from Monday made a great lunch yesterday, and snacks today.  The Soup yesterday was a great dinner tonight.

Below... a Picture of our fridge (that Julia doesn't want me to include).  We really try to stick to the perimeter method of food shopping, even at Whole Foods.  We do pretty well, venturing into the depths of the aisles for a few random things (candles, cans of tomatoes, baking goods, pita chips....).  But, we really do well at not buying twinkies, pop-tarts, and most prepared foods.

I lied.  It was vetoed.  But it's awesome.  Honest!

Anyway, Julia still says that she is going to interview me about my food preferences, so look forward to that! There are a lot of tacos involved.


  1. Oooh, I love the What to Eat notepad at the top of the post. Where did you get that?

    And yes, leftovers are GREAT. I tend to make big meals on Sunday that carry over to Monday as well, because Mondays suck enough and most of the time I just don't feel like cooking. :-)

  2. Bry, I think we got it at Anthropolopgie. I know I have seen them other places too, though. We also have an " all out of" checklist we use for grocery shopping.