Monday, January 2, 2012

So this is the new year...

Happy New Year!  Matthew, Rowdy and I had a lovely series of holiday celebrations with friends and family.  We enjoyed Christmas with Matt's family, Hanukkah at Leah's house, post Christmas festivities with my folks, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day right here at the Rowdy House.  Hosting brunch on January first has been a long time dream of mine and our second annual event was lots o' fun!  We'll look forward to it again next year!  (Sorry, no photos of that event, but Rowdy was there...)

In honor of a new year that holds lots of exciting things for us (we are getting married, after all), we have set some goals for 2012-- one of which we are posting here to keep us honest.  Maybe updating this blog more often should be a goal this year--we'll see.  Anyway... the Rowdy House is doing something we've talked a lot about but never actually done.  We're eating at home.  We're eating at our desks at work.  We're eating breakfast in our cars if that's what it takes.  To put it simply--

We are not eating out until further notice.  

This challenge started today with a long grocery list and lots of discussion about why this is a good idea for us.  Here goes:
  • Money.  Cold hard cash.  We want to save up some money to finance our most fabulous wedding in September.
  • We have some other goals that are geared more towards living healthy and eating food that we make at home can help support those goals. 
  • Cooking (for me) is a great creative outlet--one of my other goals for 2012 will probably be nourished by expressing my creativity.  I'm not saying all our meals are totally mind-blowing or anything, but still.

So,  we're posting some photos of the fab foods that come out of our kitchen.  Mama Zahn recently commented that she thinks that our kitchen produces more food per square foot than many other kitchens she knows of.  Thanks for the compliment, Penny! You know we love spending time there!

This picture is from the summatime.

So, back to that honesty thing.  We're going to post menus and photos from our dinners here on the blog!  We will also report back on how it goes from a budget/diet/house standpoint.   Tonight we enjoyed a simple homemade pizza with leftovers from our NYE part-ay.  Mozzarella, tomato sauce, peppers and onions.  With salad.  Easy-peasy.  

There were also unphotographed brussels sprouts for me.  Day one of no eating out until further notice is a success!  

Happy New Year!  Yay for goals!  Yay for homemade pizza!


  1. I applaud your non-out-eating endeavors, and hopefully you will build up a even more extensive collection of yummy food and drinks to share with your less creative family members (aka Liz and I).

  2. I love you, sis. I look forward to our next culinary shenanigans...and also the next time we make Dad laugh so hard he turns HD colors.