Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick and Easy

Happy Monday!  It snowed, I love snow!  It didn't really stick to anything that isn't grass or trees, but it was still snow, and it made up for what is starting to be a very disappointing winter.  But luckily, I not only have the snow today, but I have Julia!

I should mention, driving home in the snow makes me think I'm driving like this: 

Julia's office is being painted, so she did her work at home today.  She managed to clean the house, and go grocery shopping, all while acting a proper gimp (running related foot pain), so a fancy, laborious dinner was not in the cards.  That is no reason why we couldn't eat some good food still.  So we dug around in the fridge, used some new tomatoes from the shopping trip today, and made this!

Julia grilled up some of the leftover Chard pancakes, while I tossed some of the leftover salmon in the toaster oven (and then the microwave).  We were going to make some scrambled eggs with spinach, but we didn't have quite enough spinach to make it work and realized we had plenty of food without the eggs.  We sliced up some tomatos to make a tomato and herb salad.

 Chives, dill, and parsley diced and dropped into the salad with some EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar, salt and pepper.

Thrown in a little bowl (not much leftovers here!) and stirred up real good.

And then we brought in some wine from my second favorite vineyard, Dry Creek Vineyard.  I was at a friend's wedding about 4 years ago and one of the days was spent wine touring around Northern California.  One stop was at Dry Creek, and between the boats on the bottles and the great taste, it has been my (2nd) favorite since!

So, throwing this into a couple glasses, putting some of the leftover fish out from having everybody over on friday, and putting out some goat cheese and we were ready to go!

The whole lot of food maybe took 10 to 15 minutes, and was delicious.  Was it on our food calendar for the week? No, but lasagne was just looking a little daunting tonight, and we had more than enough leftover food in the fridge to make something worthwhile.  I think a lesson we continue to learn is even our detailed plan should have a little room for late modifications to fit our mood.

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