Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No TV Tuesday

No TV Tuesday is a tradition I like to pretend that we have in our house.  We actually end up having a "No TV (insert day of the week here)" once a week for about three weeks and then we're right back on the horse with the boob tube.  Not too long ago, I lived completely without television, and it was glorious.  I got so much done.  The knitting!  The reading!  The paper grading! (I was a high school teacher back then).  Living TV-free is a thing of the past, and a hope (of mine) for the future (let's keep that a secret from Matthew until I've actually put a ring on it and can pull the old bait and switch.  I've got nothing against television, per se, it's just that once I start a darn Bravo marathon I can't stop.  Then my brain turns into cottage cheese.

Anyway, today is no TV Tuesday and we're posting early so we can go out on a hot date.  We're not eating out, but drinking out is a different story.  We're going somewhere cool for good company, craft beers, and old scotch, hurrah!

If you're new here and catching up.  Matt and I have embarked on a no-eating-out challenge.  It's going pretty well.  We've got a full week under our belts and that's nothing to shake a fist at.  Each day, we pack our lunches.

I also pack Rowdy-Man's breakfast.  There are treats in there, too. 

Then, I lug a grocery bag full of Julia and Rowdy snacks to work. 

That's a cup of morning coffee with a little coconut milk eggnog, in case you're wondering.  Can you spot Rowdy in that photo?  Did you miss him the first time?

Dinner was easy and Matt's favorite genre.  We had breakfast burritos and roasted broccoli.

I roast my broccoli in a 400 degree oven with olive oil, salt and pepper and some smashed open garlic cloves.  Roasting takes about 12 minutes.  Shake up the pan once or twice while the little trees are in there.  Some people might like their veggies a little more done, but Matthew says, "I really only want my broccoli warmed up."  What can I say? He's got good taste.  


Refried Beans
Perfect Scrambled Eggs using this method
Whole Wheat Tortillas
Sharp Cheddar


Over dinner, I tried to remember all the Ivy League Universities.  Maybe I didn't get into one is really because I can't name them all.  I borrowed Matt's wonderpod to figure it out.  I had no idea about one of them.  The following photos were taken of my enlightenment. 

Can you name all of the Ivy League schools?  There are eight.  I thought there were only seven, and I could only name six. Good Luck!  Have a good night!  

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