Thursday, January 5, 2012

Matt's Favorite

Well, well, well... here we are, Matt's favorite night of any week.  Taco night.  A few fun facts before we get to actual taco photos.
1.  If you ask Matthew what he wants to eat any day of the week, that guy says "tacos."
2.  Matthew describes all forms of Mexican food as tacos, including fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, chalupas, it's all tacos.
3.  Our favorite tacos probably come from Captain Larry's in Baltimore.  They aren't fancy, but those fish tacos are delicious.
4.  If you ask Matthew what his favorite food is, the answer is, strangely, not tacos.  It's Thanksgiving dinner.  Also, he does not want to eat tacos on Thanksgiving.  Turkey-cranberry sauce tacos?  That's another story...

Anyway.  On to dinner. Matthew was the taco maker in our house tonight.  He got to work while I was at the old gym...

Then I got home from the gym.  

Rowdy is making his "dude, if you don't give me one of those bell peppers, I SWEAR I'm gonna cut you" face.  You think I'm kidding, but seriously!  One night, Rowdy got into a bag of produce and there were only a few bell pepper seeds on the floor.  He ate them whole.  (Before you go calling the Animal Welfare Services on us, I looked it up, bell peppers are perfectly healthy for little black dogs, relax!)

The condiments were assembled.

And then there were tacos.  Specifically, what we call "fajita tacos" because of the sauteed onions and peppers.  

 One of the things we're trying to do here at the Rowdy house to make this whole "no eating out" thing work is making sure that we have things on hand to help us not feel like we're missing out on something really special because we're eating in.  For example,  I spent a little bit of money on some really nice dark chocolate bars for after dinner treats, Matt picked out some after work snacks for nibbling, we buy good (organic) coffee, and we take the time to make and enjoy cocktails, occasionally, with our meals.  As Matt made dinner I played bartender and whipped up some vodka-soda-cranberry drinks.  I would tell you what my friend Stephanie calls these drinks, but this is a family blog.  Anyway.  Having a special beverage really rounds out the meal and makes it feel a little more like you're out and about!

 Also making taco night extra special was the fact that we actually ate at the table!  For the first time since we started our challenge!  Within the first few minutes of them meal I declared that I love eating at the table and wish we do it more.  Besides, who wouldn't want to eat across from this mug?

I am a lady.  Gratuitous ring shot? Maybe.  Clever photography, Matthew

Rowdy, of course provided entertainment.

He's my sweet little boy.  Interesting tidbit:  if you'd like to photograph an LBD (little black dog) try the "food" setting on your camera.  

That's all from the Rowdy House!  See you tomorrow!  Or maybe Saturday.  We're having guests tomorrow, afterall...

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  1. Now I'm hungry. Guess I'll have to wait til tomorrow. Looks delish.