Thursday, January 19, 2012

Julia's Away, it's time for Tacos!

TACOS! Delicious Fish Tacos.  Part of the joy of Captain Larry's, one of our favorite bars in baltimore, is their fish taco's.  Julia and I thought we would attempt to recreate them at home.

 Unfortunately, Julia and I went out for dinner (with my parents, it doesn't count) the night we planned to have the fish taco's, so I had to make them myself after she left for a work trip.  Well, Rowdy helped by making sure the floor was spotless.

I dredged some Mahi (mmmmmm, fish) in some milk and corn meal which I mixed with some chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, and other good stuff.  I dredged it a couple times, while the veggie oil was heating in a pan.

I didn't really check the temperature at all, but it seemed to cook really nicely.  I cut the first pieces a little large, but the second ones were just about taco sized.

Julia left me some shredded cabbage / coleslaw veggie mix, so I made some delicious coleslaw to go into the tacos.  A lot of cilantro and some jalapenos.  

Throw some of the coleslaw and fish in a delicious whole foods corn tortilla, add some fresh cut salsa, and BAM!!! 


And here is a video of Rowdy fighting his Christmas Present, a laughing Chuckle Buddy...

Have a great weekend!

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