Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cheating and Stir Fry

Lets talk temptation.  It strikes me dozens of times a day, driving past Wendy's, the snack machines in the coffee mess at work, having a going away party at a bar, walking past dunkin doughnuts twice a day.  But, I've been doing really well... ...until last night.

We have a friend that is leaving her bar tending job, and the temptation of free drinks was just too much.  So we went to the Quarry House in Silver Spring. There were so many Scotchs and beers, and the few we made it through were delicious.  It was also taco tuesday, including free margarita, but we didn't do that. We refrained.  But then, while Julia was in the head, I gave in to the smell of buffalo wings.  Just six.  And they were delicious.  And spicy, and hot, and soo soo very good.  I admit it.  I failed at the challenge.

But, I did my best to make up for it tonight.  Julia had a late meeting, and I was getting a bit hungry so I looked at our food schedule, saw stir fry and tofu, and attacked it.

I started chopping the food, and then I realized I didn't really know what I was supposed to do.  I had a really good idea, but I just needed some confirmation.  Having found some general guidance, I continued.  I found all the veggies in the fridge, and sliced them up assuming (correctly) that they were for the Stir fry.

I realized the color of the dish was missing that telltale green color of beans or brocoli, but a quick trip to the fridge confirmed that non of those green bits were available, so I cut up some beet tops and put the stems in.  It added some color and some toothsome quality to the dish, and I'm pretty sure it was healthy too.

I cooked up some basic rice, put some basic baked tofu into the mix, and reduced some soy sauce, honey, vinegar and red pepper flakes into the mix, to get that delicious stir fry taste into the dish!  

It is delicious.  A little spicy, a little salty, and a little sweet.  Just like stir fry should be!

It was a nice dinner at the table again, and then we finished up the dinner with some chocolates.  That is in fact a pile of chocolate wrappers in front of Julia.  A pile...

...but she only ate one of them.  It seems we have different approaches to boxed candy.  I leave the wrappers in the box, and she pulls them out.  So that really probably is my collection of wrappers.

Its all ok though, because Julia had coffee today.  Temptation.

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