Monday, November 21, 2011

Running, Cooking, Chilling and For the Long Haul!

This is going to be a long post, but bear with me!  So much has happened since the last post, especially since it takes so long for me to get to writing new posts.  Julia has been keeping up with her running blog girls, a batch of women with enviable running habits and often impeccably neat lawns and houses.  On the plus side, Julia really enjoys running, and she's getting really rather good at it.  It started with a 5k here and there, a 10k, and then the decision to run a 15k.  Well, then the Annapolis Half marathon was delayed due to hurricane Irene, and it turned out that it lined up well with a half marathon training plan That she could run. 

(That's Leah, her partner in running crime.)

One of the most awesome part of being an adult is cooking things that are delicious.  Julia is really good at it, especially with her new found love of making breads, and pulling things from our garden to make things that are healthier than I would ever eat on my own.  I still get to make some awesome chili

From my mom's recipe that she's been using for a couple years.  I need a bigger recipe book, although I just keep putting printed out recipes in it too instead of writing them down.
But some tips, like Grandma's tip of putting vodka in the crust instead of part of the water to make it crispier is awesome.

But Julia's breads!!!  Sooooo.  Gooood!  A little bit of Foccacia

Some delicious yeasty bread rolls!

Fall has started to reach its claws into our house.  I finally turned on the heat, I'm still finding reasons  to run the dishwasher and the dryer (free heat!).  Rowdy has the benefit of a thicker coat of fur than I do, and he still gets a sweater now and then.  We also got a bit of an early snow, in october!

We had to protect the last remaining veggies from the frost for as long as we could, so I got out the tools, got some old casement windows from the parents, and spent a while screwing some wood together to make this great little cold frame.

And of course, Rowdy got to wear his sweater.  And Julia got bangs!

Not only did Julia get bangs, but I had to find somewhere in the house to hide this for a while:

Until I could give it to her, on her birthday, after she finished her half marathon, and before we had family and friends over that night for a party.  I'd say it was a great day!

So happy fall everybody!