Sunday, June 5, 2011

Inch by Inch, Row by Row

Some delicious treats from the garden have been making appearances in Rowdy's kitchen lately.  

Snow peas, fresh herbs, and giant green onions that survived the winter.  (How adorable is that tea towel?  I have a strange affection for tea towels.)
Just barely steamed and shocked in ice water.  This makes them sweet and still crunchy.
We've had a pretty serious romaine harvest this year.  We've been enjoying lots of salad and lettuce wraps here.  I made a quick potato salad with all the above ingredients for Liz's graduation dinner.  The snow peas were so delicious in the honey and mustard vinaigrette with those herbs.  

Because I couldn't help myself I pulled out one (just one) of these:

We planted RAINBOW CARROT seeds!  And they grew into real carrots!  This one was yellow, not orange.
Rowdy loves carrots.  He spent some time checking it out.  Unfortunately, he didn't really want to snack it.  I guess he prefers carrots from the grocery store bag.  Kids these days.  Sheesh.
Yay! Carrot!  I planted carrots several times when I was a kid.  I never remember actually getting a carrot out of the ground.  Can you tell that I am thrilled by this tiny harvest?  I can't wait to see the purple ones!

I had a pretty serious weekend.  Lots of good food and good drinks-- I needed some comfort food and green vegetables so Matthew and I (mostly Matthew) worked on a couple of new recipes.  I was excited to eat some swiss chard from our garden! We cooked it up with some garlic, sesame oil and sesame seeds. 

Matthew used an Alton Brown recipe for a quick and easy baked mac and cheese.  We both agreed my Mama's traditional mac and cheese is better.  Still, nobody was complaining at our house.   

Rowdy was much more interested in the m&c than he was in the garden fresh carrot.  Yes,  I photographed this meal on the floor.  The light is really good down there.  

More news on Rowdy house projects is next.  Maybe Matthew will share how he really feels about my painting the bathroom Tang orange.  I've been wondering....