Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prying back the Cold Claws of Winter

So, as we are still re-capping the last year of living in the house, we're only now catching up to spring.  Since the winter of 2010 was such an amazing winter...

...spring seemed really slow to come around.  The most interesting thing was seeing the transformation of the house as spring sprung. It seems Blanche (the previous owner) had invested quite a lot of time hiding flowers around the beds of the house, and it started to have a stunning impact on the way the house looked.  Not only were they everywhere, but they seemed designed to come out one at a time, the first starting to fade as the next came blazing into the sunlight.  First, the daffodils started to press up through the old mulch, and then, after the hard freezes passed, they raced towards the sky.
Next, the broad leaves of the Hosta.  I had no idea what these were. They appeared first as little reddish spikes rising from the ground, their tightly wound leaves spreading as they came up.  They are everywhere.  Mingled in between the daffodils, around the bathtub, in the borders of beds, surrounding trees, everywhere.

Then the azaleas came.  If we thought the Hosta were everywhere, and Julia certainly does, then the azaleas really are the star of the party.  Not are they only everywhere, but they are stunning.  They come in so many colors, surround the house, yelling that spring is finally here to stay.  

This spring is shaping up in much the same way.  Although, there used to be a lawn service that worked the yard before I moved in, so this is the first winter where many of the plants didn't have the benefit of a professional team trimming them where necessary, so we'll have to see how they do.

Next, the house gets a little Rowdy

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