Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome to the Rowdy House Blog

In a valiant first attempt at a blog, Julia, Matt, and Rowdy (the heir apparent), get a late start on sharing our journey through life with a new house, a blossoming relationship, and exciting possibilities.  Now, that I'm done with the cheesy bit, something about us.

Julia:  Closet hipster, vegetarian, English teacher, Perpetual camper, fantastic cook, excellent partner.
Matt:  Avowed anti-hipster, meat-arian, Engineer, sailor, enjoys fantastic food, the other half of the fantastic partnership.
Rowdy:  Little Black dog, connoisseur of everything dead or roadside, tail wagger, reliable cat finder, household alarm.

Julia and I met on Match.com 2 years ago.  She was my first Match date, and I was not her first Match date.  We moved in together a year ago, and around the same time, we found Rowdy.  Rowdy came to us a matted ball of fur thanks to the Wicomico County Humane Society.  Apparently, adopting a dog is much easier when you put on the application that the dog can follow you to work!

The House was bought November of 2009.  The House is outside of Annapolis, MD.  It is around 90 years old and existed when the road nearby was still a train track and when Ego Alley in Annapolis still teamed with fishermen rather than tourists.

So, follow us along while we carve ourselves a little spot for ourselves, and do our best to make it better!

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  1. Okay, you guys are cute. I was looking at your flickr page and found this. I hope you will post once in a while! And I hope someday to meet Julia and Rowdy and see this great house. All this house fixing-up you two are doing looks very familiar to me--I think it's a family habit or something. Enjoy!